Background Information
Daughter and grandaughter of writers.

I am a Lawyer . I became a poet and a writer at 11, when I decided to write philosophical poems about humanity. My style is full of irony . I generally use uncommon words.


Birth Place
Buenos Aires,  Argentina

Prizes in Poetry Contests:

Mentions at:
India: editor Radha Agrawal.

Literature Mentions of Honour at poetry contests:

Cámara Argentina de Publicaciones (3/18/2002)

Nubla Editores,

Cadan Editores,
Torrente y Magia de Letras de San Telmo (Arlequín Magazine),

Ateneo de las Letras Editores,


Editorial El Tridente


Additional Information

Part of my work is included at CADAN Magazine 2001.

Favorite Links

Maria Cristina Azcona (mother-bilingual poetess)
My mother´s profile. Read: Twin Towers -Torres Gemelas

Alberto E Azcona(grandfather writer)
My grandpa´s website. here you will find his biography, complete bibliograp´hy and links to his articles about histpry and Laws

Fernando Castellano(young brother-future writer)
My brother works as expert in computing systems.He also studies at JF Kennedy University, Argentina. He won an award in a “Short Story” contest (in Argentina) and has published two articles in Argentinean magazines.

Bilingual MCA club of bilingual poets



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