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zapy in macaroniland – from the gosh zapinette series – 7 e-books 
A hilarious, irreverent romp through the life of a child of the new century! Set in Paris and Northern Italy [refers to the first 3 volumes], the work shows us the world through the eyes of Zapinette, a little girl who is smart, quick-witted, accepting and dazzling. Russo’s use of slang language and spelling is just plain fun! The book is done in the stream of consciousness of a child and jumps from subject to subject providing a very detailed, if not explainable, roadmap through a child’s thought process. A fun and enjoyable book. Give yourself and a friend a smile – buy and share this work!

Leslie Blanchard: A Writer’s Choice Literary Magazine (USA).

crystals in a shock wave 
The works of Albert Russo of the past 40 years, in both English and French, reviewed and commented in these two languages, with essays and photos by the author.

L’oeuvre d’Albert Russo sur 40 ans, recensée en français et en anglais, avec ses propres essais et ses photos.

embers under my skin 
Book of poems accompanied with full-page (mainly) Color and some B&W photographs which I took around the world(including the 3 continents where I have lived: Africa, America and Europe)during various periods of my life.
132 pages.
and there was david-kanza 
FOREWORD by Adam Donaldson Powell

This exciting new African novel by Albert Russo is both easy to read and jam-packed with wonderful visuals, colours, smells, culture; and an insider’s perspective on history as seen through the eyes of a “new African”. It is the latter that sneaks up on the reader, like a cat lying in wait … purring, flirting, gently hissing and cajoling the reader away from collective historical/political perceptions of the Congo, Africa, World War II, Sephardic Jews etc. and to reality as experienced by an unassuming homme du monde, who just happened to be in a very special place during what would prove to be very special times in the history of the Congo and the world.

This is a controversial book … not especially in regards to the story itself, which is interesting, endearing and entertaining. It is controversial in its usage of a simple narrative writing style infused throughout with commentary that is highly socio-political in nature. The novel is both propaganda in literature and literary propaganda. Mr. Russo effectively lays out his tale in such a matter-of-fact fashion that the reader eagerly devours facts, fiction and political commentaries by the author without so much as blinking an eye. And Mr. Russo accomplishes this without railroading the reader into the absurd (as in the case of “Candide” by Francois-Marie Arouet Voltaire).

Moreover, this is a “feel good” book. Even atrocities are given no more weight than personalpleasures and misfortunes. This because – from the narrator’s perspective – the reality of the here and now in Africa is always the central point of focus. As a result, the reader is led through a cinematic voyage – sometimes by boat, sometimes by train, and sometimes by car – through a myriad of literary landscapes, rich images and experiences of Life, which feel at once timeless, ever-changing and as natural as the magic of Africa itself.

zulu zapy wins the rainbow nation 
ZULU ZAPY is co-published by in India and by Poetry Printery in South Africa.

Zapinette, a sharp-tongued and whimsical teenager of American, French and Italian descent, lives with her mother, a staunch ‘felinist’ who owns a beauty parlor in Paris, as well as with Firmin, the latter’s boyfriend. The girl however feels much closer to her ‘Unky Berky’, in spite of the fact that he is “such a weirdo at times and can get on her bloomin’ nerves”. Through Firmin, ‘the vermin’, she learns that her beloved uncle is a ‘homey setchual’. They will travel together to Italy, Switzerland, New York and, finally, South Africa, experiencing a rollercoaster of extraordinary adventures.

the black ancestor 
Midwest Book Review: Reviewer’s Choice

The Black Ancestor – Albert Russo – Imago Press – 3710 East Edison, Tucson, AZ 85716-2912 – 9781935437031, $15.00

The deep seated racism is often unfounded. “The Black Ancestor” tells the tale of Leodine, a white girl in Belgian controlled Congo in a time where White supremacy was still the norm. When she finds she has a black ancestor, she is terrified the fact may turn her into an outcast with the white people of her society, and she soon embarks on a mission to find out who she truly is. “The Black Ancestor” is a fine period piece, recommended.



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